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Kem Micheals by Honey-Bea Kem Micheals by Honey-Bea
Kemilla Micheals, my now one and only ROMAC oc.
Elizabeth Snippy is no more. Two things happened, her ex boyfriend destroyed her jacket, and she's having a baby. Soo I can't exactly force her into her boots and gas mask anymore :XD:

I've been using Kem for a little while now in AU doodles... Her best friend happens to be Pilot as he instills in her hope for the future in the form of Captain. She met him on one his missions and sticks to him like glue, enjoying hearing him talk about Captain and Snippy. Kem herself has lost a screw or two due to head trauma (got into a fight with a worm and lost miserably), and uses Pilot and his vision of Captainia to escape from the reality that literally everything she ever knew and loved is dead... Also she think he's the coolest guy ever, because dudes with katanas are cool.
BTW Kem likes to take pictures on this ancient camera that holds film... Although she has no way of making the film strips into photos, she feels like every picture she takes is proving her existence.
Kem is...Difficult to figure out and she herself is surprised by her own feelings and thoughts a lot. But thats what I love about her = 3 =
I hope to do some other things with my Kem & my AU besides doodles :heart:

Kemilla Micheals (c) meee
ROMAC (c) `alexiuss
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October 14, 2013
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